How do I change the Directory view settings?

This article will explain how you can change the view settings in the Directory to see particular data and metrics for each influencer profile.

When you do a search in the Scrunch Directory, you can change your view settings and customize what data you see in the Directory. You can keep all of the settings on and scroll across to view every data point, or you can turn off the ones that are not relevant to you.

You can change the following view settings:

  • Compact View or Content View
  • Social Reach
  • Engagement
  • Estimated Cost Per Post
  • Post Engagement
  • Bio
  • Topics
  • Profile Type
  • Influencer Location
  • Languages
  • Audience Locations
  • Audience Gender
  • Audience Age
  • Audience Hashtags
  • Audience Topics
  • Audience Mentions
  • Website
  • Notes
  • Influencer Gender
  • Influencer Age Range

To change the Directory view settings:

  1. Navigate to the Directory and start a search.
Generic explore page

2. Navigate to "View" at the top next to the "Search bar" and "Filter"


3. Select what view settings you want to see in your Directory results and turn off the ones that you do not want to see in your Directory results.


The View settings will apply automatically to the search results. You can change your view settings at any time.