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​ Tips to nail your campaign brief

Tips to help you create your campaign brief

 by Grace Newman

How often will I receive opportunity blasts?

Opportunities land in our inbox frequently and on a random schedule and we don’t want you to miss out So as soon as we have something that is right for you we’ll let you know We won’t spam you but ...

 by Alahna Fiveash

What if I’ve applied for a campaign but didn’t hear back?

Don’t stress Sometimes brands want to work with a few influencers at a time Or they take a little longer to get things approved Make sure you keep applying for the campaign briefs that come your wa...

 by Alahna Fiveash

I’m a talent manager, can I get blasts for all of my talent?

Totally we would love to send you emails with notifications of some of our amazing campaigns It’s usually a little overview of the campaign asking if you have any Influencers that might be interest...

 by Alahna Fiveash

How can I be accepted for more campaigns?

Getting accepted for campaigns isn’t rocket science but a lot of the time it has to do with the brand and your audience if your followers audience aligns with what the brand audience this includes ...

 by Alahna Fiveash

How to sign up as an influencer?

If you have received an invitation to a campaign… You will find this invitation in your email inbox sometimes it goes to spam so don't forget to check there This invitation is an email notification...

 by Alahna Fiveash

How can I contact Influencers through Scrunch?

There are two ways to get in touch with Influencers once you've found them on Scrunch The first is by contacting them directly through their email or social media Next to each Influencer's profile ...

 by Alahna Fiveash

Create a campaign

Campaign manager allows you to create and run your own campaigns In the navigation menu select campaign manager Select create campaign Input a name for your campaign Select create campaign

 by Matthew Clarkson

Archiving a campaign

When a campaign is complete you can send it to the archive In the navigation menu select the wrench icon next to the campaign you wish to archive Select archive campaign Select archive Archived cam...

 by Matthew Clarkson

Campaign recommendations

Once you have submitted your campaign brief one of our Account Managers can create a bespoke list of influencer recommendations for your campaign subscribers only Navigate from your campaign brief ...

 by Matthew Clarkson

Adding influencers to a campaign

You can add your own list of influencers to your campaign Navigate from your campaign brief to the invite page Select the add list button Select one of your lists from the menu Your influencer list...

 by Matthew Clarkson