Why use Scrunch?

Updated 6 months ago by Alahna Fiveash

As a brand or agency
Scrunch is the smarter way to do Influencer Marketing. It's an is a easy to use end-to-end campaign management solution, boasting a powerful search engine connected to over 20+ million profiles worldwide, with audience insights to help you select the right Influencer, using data. Scrunch also offers a fully managed service for businesses who don’t have the time to look after Influencer Marketing in house.

As a talent manager
Secure more campaigns for your Influencers by signing them up (for free) to the Scrunch platform. Regular email blasts will ensure your talent gets noticed for the right campaigns.

As an influencer
Get paid for your Influence. By signing up to the Scrunch platform (for free), you will be on the radar of brands you want to work with. Once you've been selected for a campaign, we help with everything from briefing, payments and content approval.

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